Zombicide app shuffles its way onto mobile

25 April 2019
zombicide-mobile-37038.png Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns
Dead pixels

A Zombicide app has arrived on iOS and Android, bringing the undead-killing board game to mobile – but leaving the multiplayer behind.

Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns isn’t a direct recreation of the hugely successful dungeon-crawling co-op hit, instead taking inspiration from the tabletop original for a single-player-only ‘squad-based tactical RPG’.

What is similar is the hordes of undead you’ll have to take down while exploring a variety of derelict post-apocalyptic environments, from abandoned hospitals to cities reduced to rubble.

40 missions make up a brand new story for the series, with players meeting fellow survivors and unlocking extra characters as they make their way through the campaign. Other characters from Zombicide’s seasons and expansions on the tabletop are available as in-game purchases.

Each scenario is around half an hour long, featuring turn-based combat between the solo player’s group and the roaming undead, which include the board game’s assortment of walkers, runners, fatties, abominations and toxic zombies.

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There’s the series’ trademark spread of weapons and abilities to wield as you mow down brain-munchers, ranging from melee katans and chainsaws to longer-ranged shotguns and pistols, with each character also having individual powers to utilises in their fight against the dead. The more noise and mess they make, though, the more the zombies’ alert level will rise, bringing more undead into the fray.

With its intuitive but deep combat system, 40 campaign missions, ambient soundtrack, dazzling special effects and cadre of rich characters with unique abilities, Zombicide’s zombie-infested universe presents a colorful gameplay experience. The game features brisk 20 to 30 minute turn-based gameplay sessions, challenging players to eliminate zombies and survive as long as possible. The higher the danger level rises, the more zombies emerge in search of human flesh.

You can pick up Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns now on the iOS App Store – priced at £5 – and Android via Google Play, where it’s slightly cheaper at just under £4.


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