ZineQuest Postponed, Zine Month Already In The Works

06 January 2022
A curious change from usual scheduling

If you’re having a nosey on the tabletop games section of Kickstarter in the next month, you’ll usually start noticing an abundance of small quirky RPGs, alongside the filter of ZineQuest. This annual Kickstarter prompt is an opportunity for smaller, indie RPG creators to launch their projects at a similar time, and with great number, reducing the chance of being lost amidst the usual influx of big name tabletop games. Rules were simple – creators will need to launch a two week project for a single colour unbound, folded/stapled/saddle stitched RPG zine on A5 or smaller paper, and last year, would be promoted from February 1st. It's quickly become a popular tradition, and offers a little extra security in funding for indie creators. 


Whilst Kickstarter has remained silent on ZineQuest, many creators have been working towards the previous deadlines. However, with still no announcement formally from Kickstarter, Director of Games at Kickstarter confirmed on Twitter only last night that ZineQuest would be moved this year. Instead of February, it'll be transferred to August to coincide with GenCon 2022. 

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