Yogi is the card game spin on 'Twister without the mat' sure to put you In a Bind

29 March 2017
pic3484958_lg-26456.jpg Yogi
Republished version of 2015’s In a Bind by designer Behrooz Shahriari features new artwork and card designs

Have you ever played In a Bind? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on one of the more amusing dexterity party games around. But fear not – you’ll soon be able to pick up the card game as it remerges under the new name ‘Yogi’.

In a Bind was the first game by Scottish designer Behrooz ‘Bez’ Shahriari, which she published a couple of years ago under her own label Stuff by Bez.

In short, it’s a stood-up version of Twister without that crinkly plastic mat for up to 12 players. Players draw cards that have specific instructions – such as ‘left pinky pointing down’ or ‘this card touching two hands’ – and have to carry out the orders.

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The tricky part is that all of the instructions stack over subsequent rounds, meaning you can end up trying to keep a card stuck to your right eyebrow while also keeping an elbow on your knee and one hand behind your back. Needless to say, it’s worth playing on a surface that’s comfortable to accidentally fall over onto.

French publisher Gigamic will overhaul Bez’s original In a Bind artwork and monochromatic design with a new set of brightly-coloured illustrations for Yogi, many of them featuring pop culture references (we spotted Shakespeare, Ryu from Street Fighter, a Roman emperor and a luchador, for starters).

There’s also a new handy colour-coded system – orange cards need to be held somewhere for the rest of the game, while green cards can be put down and their instructions carried out.

Yogi will hit shelves this summer – just in time to make a fool of yourself while trying to balance on one foot outside in the sun.


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