Yamatai co-creator and Robinson Crusoe artist set sail for Treasure Island

22 December 2017
pic3895468-71906.jpg Treasure Island
Marc Paquien and Vincent Dutrait bluffing game plans to land next year

Ahoy! What’s that on the horizon? Why, it’s the latest board game crack at celebrated seafaring tale Treasure Island from two of the tabletop’s most interesting creators.

Treasure Island is a bluffing game loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s 19th century classic designed by Yamatai co-creator Marc Paquien – only his second published game – and acclaimed artist Vincent Dutrait, who has illustrated everything from fellow famous island-dweller Robinson Crusoe and TIME Stories to Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Broom Service.

One player takes on the role of Long John Silver, who has been tied up by his mutinying crew and is being interrogated about the location of his treasure. The player offers up directions to the remaining group, but is trying to mislead them long enough to escape and claim the loot for himself.

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It sounds like there’ll be a good bit of exploration and deception in each 45-minute match, with Long John’s escape serving as the exciting finale.

Treasure Island is coming out of Captain Sonar studio Matagot, with a release planned for sometime next year.


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