Would you pay $999 to Celebrate Magic: The Gathering's 30th Anniversary?

05 October 2022
For cards that aren't even tournament legal?

Perhaps one of the most impactful and long running successful trading card games in the business, Magic: The Gathering began in October 1993, meaning next year marks its 30th Anniversary. Wizards of the Coast wouldn't be ones to miss out, and indeed have announced their celebrations starting a tiny bit early – and in time for Christmas– with a 30th Anniversary Edition to commemorate the occasion. 

And, for just shy of $1,000, it could be yours. 

Drawing inspiration from the original Limited Edition Beta, the very first core set released, you'll be able to "experience some of the most iconic elements of Magic's early years", using much of the original art, but using what it describes as modern sensibilities and nostalgic routes. You'll receive, for $999, four packs of "pure nostalgia reimagined in a modern context", and each pack will include 15 cards, 13 in the modern frame, made up of one rare, three uncommon, seven commons, and two basic lands, one retro frame card, and one basic land in a retro frame – plus a token. Three in every ten packs will contain a rare retro frame card, from a Black Lotus to a Volcanic Island. 

And whilst you might expect to storm the tournaments with cards of such high value, they aren't in fact, tournament legal. You'll have a different back to the standard, and are just considered collectable items which will allow for more people to experience the discovery of a Black Lotus card. 

Preorders will begin from 28th November 2022. Those ordering in North America will likely receive theirs before Christmas, with rest of the world gaining theirs some time in early 2023.

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