Work for Lara Croft in the New Tomb Raider RPG

01 November 2021
Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

A brand new Tomb Raider RPG was announced at the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the franchise. Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders sees you team up with Lara herself, who has more leads than time to follow them. 

It's been described as a passion project of Senior Technical Designer Matthew Gaston, who has been developing the RPG since 2007, and refining it with internal playtesting since 2009. It will feature art from professional concept artist Kameliya Minkova and concept/comic artist Johann BLAIS, with a full cover to be revealed another time, completed by  Brenoch Adams.

Players of the RPG will explore ancient sites to discover information and artifacts, guided by the Game Master – though here called Raid Master. Campaigns will focus on knowledge, language, and investigative skills in addition to action-oriented skills to keep it true to the franchise roots.

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Sample images provided offer stat blocks for Sharks, Zombies, and Bears, using what appears to be a new system especially for Tomb Raider. These include information like the environment found, the lore associated, and tactics – for example, Zombies don't tend to think through their attacks, but relentlessly grab for the nearest living thing they can bite, whereas sharks will inspect by circling, and charge by swimming deep and then up to attack. 

The core rulebook and first adventure will be called Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders: Mark of the Pheonix and will be released "later this year as a holiday gift to our fans". 



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