Word-building card game Paperback is now getting an expansion as well as a prequel

13 April 2017
6213552_orig-68825.jpg Paperback
80-card add-on announced as part of Kickstarter campaign for follow-up Hardback

If the news that Tim Fowers is working on a prequel follow-up to his wordy deckbuilder Paperback wasn’t exciting enough, the designer has now announced that he will also release an expansion for the brilliant little card game.

The as-yet untitled Paperback add-on was revealed as part of the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Hardback, a standalone game set in the 19th century that evolves the original’s word-forming format with new push-your-luck mechanics and the removal of the central letter marketplace.

The expansion will includes 80 new cards, which Fowers promised would fit in the original game’s box even when sleeved.

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As for the actual meat of the set, that’s not decided yet. Fowers and his team are collecting the input of Hardback backers before cementing exactly what will go into the expansion, but offered up several ideas.

Some of the suggestions included cards that offer bonus rewards for playing them as the second letter in a word, cards with groups of three letters, a new form of hybrid victory card, conditional word cards with specific reward conditions, asterisk cards that serve as wilds, typos that will remove victory cards if not discarded quickly enough, the ability to recycle letters from the discard pile and new VP cards with new values and art.

At the moment, the only confirmed way to get your hands on the expansion is to back Hardback at the ‘timeless classics’ tier, which adds $16 to the base game’s $27 price, plus $7 for shipping to the UK – making it $50 in total for the double pack. If the expansion is released in time to reach backers alongside Hardback, it should be out this October.


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