Win a trip to the USA by playing Settlers of Catan

04 April 2016
catan-59458.jpg Settlers of Catan
UK champion at the Games Expo will be heading to the Catan Finals

How's this for a prize...the winner of the UK Catan Championship, held at the UK Games Expo and sponsored by Mayfair Games, will win a trip to the USA! Wonder if it's too late for us to become Catan experts?

The UK Catan Championship sponsored by Mayfair Games is usually the largest and certainly one of the most prestigious of the boardgames tournaments taking place during the UK Games Expo.

The winner will receive flights and accommodation for the world Catan Finals in the USA this autumn. The tournament will be played using the Catan base game only. The players will be divided randomly into tables of four players, except for the Final Round (Round Four) when players will be assigned to tables according to their ranking.

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A top table of four players will then play for the title of UK Catan Champion. Fancy your chances? Then make sure you book a ticket.


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