Who Should We Eat? is a game about cannibalising your friends and being haunted by their ghosts

30 June 2017
pic3612446-31925.jpg Who Should We Eat?
Semi-co-op game follows a group of survivors stranded on an island as they try to build a raft and ultimately resort to cannibalism

Cannibalism isn’t often the source of light-hearted humour, yet it looks like the charmingly-titled game Who Should We Eat? is going to inject the idea of eating another human being with a dose of dark laughs.

The game follows a group of survivors stranded on an island by a plane crash. Players work together to collect resources and build a raft, but must contend with their increasing hunger due to the lack of food.

If sanity and food run low, a trial is held each evening and a knife fight can ensue – resolved by players literally drawing straws. The loser is killed and eaten, tiding their former companions over to the next day. If no knife fight occurs, players literally point at who they’d like to chow down on.

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That’s not all, though – those served up as lunch can return as ghosts, haunting the remaining survivors and potentially winning as a separate team.

If you’re not sold yet, know that the box includes a wooden conch shell that signifies the leader of the group and is banged on the table like a hammer and gavel to begin each trial.

Who Should We Eat? takes around half an hour to play and is due out this October, costing around $25 (£19).


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