Warhammer Day 2020 Confirmed with Exclusive Mini

13 October 2020
It's no trick, this is a great treat!

Warhammer Community has confirmed that its Warhammer Day this year will be on Saturday 31st October 2020, celebrating all things Warhammer.

It was only last year the first Warhammer Day took place, showing off for the first time its shiny new logo, and inviting you into stores and encouraging you to interact online. It's a little different this year given COVID-19 restrictions but remains a chance for Warhammer fans to spend a day within the hobby!

The day itself is a chance for fans to enjoy the hobby together, whether that's relaxing at home with some paints, listening to audiobooks or reading the black library, maybe even (in a socially distanced and friendly way) painting with friends or picking up tips at the friendly local game store. Especially given that many won't be able to reach stores for a plethora of reasons, it encourages interaction on its social media to keep the conversations surrounding it active on the day. 

However, as it aptly puts, "no celebration of Warhammer would be complete without a model to remember it by..." and with this we have the commemorative Citadel Miniature, Terminator Chaplain Tarentus.

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Terminator Chaplain Tarentus can be used for any chapter, noting that that includes Deathwatch and Grey nights, and adds some close combat might to any army. 

You'll be able to find Chaplain Tarentus in store and online from October 31st 2020, but it'll only be available until November 8th 2020, so you'll need to be quick to pick up yours for your army!

Head over to its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join in the discussion, and be sure to tag us too- we'd love to see your creations or hear your stories. 



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