Warhammer 40K RPG Bundle for Less Than £14

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03 December 2020
A very cheap way to build your collection, or simply to try it out

We've talked about Humble Bundle in the past, whereby it provides digital bundles of content at reduced prices, with funds being split between creators, Humble Bundle, and various charities. Although this regularly refers to video games given its digital nature, there's the odd treat for the tabletop gamer, either in aspects like 3D Print Files, or Map Making programs, or RPG's as examples. 

In this case, we've seen a new Warhammer 40,000 Black Crusade & Only War by Cubicle 7, where you can pay from 75p to £13.55, the latter netting you $291 worth of download. It includes introductory adventures, plus core books, and seemingly everything you'll need!

Let's offer some more details, if you pay 75p, you'll get the Black Crusade Core Rulebook, the Only War Eleventh Hour, and of Black Crusade, Broken Chains and Binding Contracts, plus a discount code for 20% off of Cubicle 7 – which is potentially worth it alone if you are planning a purchase from them.

If you pay £7.53, you'll gain the above plus the Black Crusade Game Master's Kit, the Tome of Blood, the Tome of Decay, and the Hand of Corruption.

For £11.29, you'll gain the previous tiers, the Only War Core Rulebook, Enemies of the Imperium, Final Testament, and Salvaging Solace.

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Finally, for £13.55 you'll gain everything listed, plus the Black Crusade The Tome of Fate, The Tome of Excess, and then of Only War: Hammer of the Emperor, Sheild of Humanity, No Surrender, and Only War Game Masters Kit.  

The deals are time-limited, so at present, you have just over 20 days to purchase, and you'll then be able to download the bundle straight away. They're in a PDF format, so will work with most readers. 

Click here to pick up your copy over on Humble Bundle!

Don't forget, Humble Bundle are also offering heavy discounts on Cyberpunk by R.Talsorian digital downloads too, which we talked about last week.

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