Want to be a miniatures designer? This could be your chance to make your hobby a profession

03 May 2017
commando-snipers800-800x800-97079.jpg Afterlife commando snipers
Anvil Industry opening up role to enthusiastic newcomers

Turning your hobby into a career can be a lifetime achievement, so it’s rare when an opportunity comes along to help you on your way.

However, that might just be the case if you’re a budding wargaming fan longing to create your own tabletop models, as Afterlife publisher Anvil Industry has opened up a new role as a digital miniatures designer to newcomers.

The position involves designing, sculpting, 3D printing and moulding pieces including new additions to the miniatures range, but also includes training in skills such as CAD modelling if you’re simply a passionate fan looking to turn your interest into a job – though experienced designers are also invited to apply.

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The company is based in East London and includes flexible hours, with the starting salary beginning at £21,000 but potentially increasing depending on experience – it is mentioned that if training is needed you’ll be paid minimum wage for three to six months.

Among some of the requirements listed are ‘extensive’ experience collecting, modelling and painting 28mm sci-fi models, proof of creative and artistic skill, computer literacy and general hobby and working skills – pictures of your miniatures collection are requested alongside a CV and concept sketches.

It’s an interesting role with some very specific requirements, but presents an opportunity to find your feet in an industry that’s often hard to know how to crack.

The deadline for applications is May 31st, so get yours in if you’re interested.


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