Video game series Fallout is getting a proper pen-and-paper RPG

12 March 2019
fallout-ww-46680.jpg Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
There’s a roleplaying expansion on the way for Wasteland Warfare, too

Fallout is finally getting an official tabletop RPG set in the irradiated world of the post-apocalyptic video game series.

The currently untitled pen-and-paper roleplaying game is coming out of Modiphius, which previously released the Wasteland Warfare miniatures skirmish game based on the long-running PC and console franchise.

The Fallout RPG will be built on the 2d20 system that powers the studio’s Mutant Chronicles, Conan, John Carter and Star Trek Adventures games, with Star Trek Adventures designer Sam Webb heading up development of the new title.

While the Fallout tabletop RPG won’t be released until 2020, Modiphius is filling the wait with a standalone roleplaying expansion for Wasteland Warfare that brings character and scenario creation, and support for an ongoing campaign to the miniatures game.

The roleplaying expansion has been created by Wasteland Warfare designer James Sheahan and uses decks of character archetype cards along with weapon and character cards from the miniatures game.

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The roleplaying expansion uses a dedicated game master and supports up to six players. As well as being an expansion to the miniatures game, it can be played as a standalone RPG using the cards, which can be downloaded for free, and a set of Wasteland Warfare’s custom dice. 

The book includes three adventures that can be tackled as a campaign or played individually, with additional rules on making characters, writing scenarios and building settlements in the game.

A bundle including the book and the necessary cards and dice will be available by the end of 2019, Modiphius has confirmed, following the book’s launch this summer.


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