UKGE 2021: Our on the ground event report

30 July 2021
It's a weird year, but it was good to be there

Friday saw us heading over to UK Games Expo in Birmingham, the first event in a very long time where we could be together with fellow board gamers in person. As a result, we've got a few things to share with you, not least a huge podcast full of interviews with a number of attendees, but also a series of micro interviews, PLUS a video on what to expect at UK Games Expo from Friday, and you can find all of those here. 


S2E31 UK Games Expo – Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast

For this podcast, Chris spoke to a number of the exhibitors, including Nich Angell of Colostle, Thomas Pike of Escape the Dark Castle, Dan Jolin of Senet, Paul Stapleton of Bedsit Games, Manic Productions, James Naylor of Naylor Games, James Wallis, Tim Claire, Richard Jansen Parkes, Blood on the Clocktower, Andy Lewis of Polyhedron Collider, and more!

You can watch it through YouTube below, head over to to listen through your browser, or by heading to your usual source - some links can be found at the end of this post. 


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Compilation of Micro Interviews

If you don't follow us on TikTok or Instagram (spoiler alert – you should!), you may have missed out on some of our quick fire interviews. We asked a number of exhibitors to tell us a little about themselves, the game, and UKGE, in under a minute. The result is a series of concise explanations, perfect to give you a quick look at the exhibitors you may have missed.


What to Expect at UK Games Expo

Finally, we put together what we knew and had learned from a full Friday at UK Games Expo, and popped it into one video for you. Perfect for if you wanted to know how the event felt, or take a look at it in a walk around. 



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