UK Games Expo 2016 - Glori Eternia

09 June 2016
488bf6341abd5f937dff8e5c9516c2cd_original-43315.jpg Glori Eternia
Lewis Terry of British Briefs talks about his new game

Glori Eternia was recently launched on Kickstarter and it's doing rather well, with 24 days to go (as we write this) and less than £200 left to meet its funding goal. During the UK Games Expo we had a quick chat with the creator Lewis Terry... but before that, here's a description of what the game's about.

From every land mighty warriors come to Glori Eternia in order to prove their might on the battlefields. This clash of cultures, might and egos will lead to plenty of underhanded tactics in combat, as warriors collide not only with the enemy but with each other as well.

In the sea of battle, the glory seeking champions will find treasures, battle fearsome foes and even suffer blows that would defeat any mere mortal. But these warriors have no time for failure, for they fight for Glori Eternia!

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Glori Eternia is a fast paced card game for 2 to 4 players, in which players compete to be the first to defeat one-hundred foes on the field of battle. The game takes 15-30 minutes to play. Around 7-8 minutes per player.


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