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03 December 2021
Welcome to Rent A Meeple - The UK's Board Game Rental Service!

This is a paid for post from Rent A Meeple, the UKs only dedicated online board game rental service!


Welcome to Rent A Meeple - The UK's Board Game Rental Service! We offer the chance to play more great games than ever before with our try before you buy monthly rental service. With Rent A Meeple our customers have access to an ever growing library of over 700 of the best board games around. All of our games are lovingly organised with labelled component bags allowing customers to get games to the table that much smoother and faster. 


My name is Ben and I am the Company Director/Owner at Rent A Meeple (this is me struggling to hold up my top 3 games!). I always loved games growing up, playing classic board/card games with my family. I immersed myself in this wonderful hobby ever since being taught Carcassonne approximately 6 years ago. From that point, there was no turning back! Like so many others, I watched my board game collection grow (and my storage space/bank balance shrink) which led to many games being played less and less. I even had a section on my shelving many of you will recognise as the 'shelf of shame' and I thought "wouldn't it be great if there was a way to play board games without paying full price for something I haven't even tried out". That's when the idea of Rent A Meeple was born.












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At time of writing, Rent A Meeple is the only dedicated online board game rental service in the UK. We offer the unique opportunity of effectively extending your board game collection to include our extensive library of great games without taking up an entire room in your house! From the very beginning we wanted to offer a hassle-free rental service with no hidden costs or deadlines. We simply offer the opportunity for our customers to add whichever games they are interested in to their wishlist, organise their games in their chosen priority order, receive games curated from this list and then return them whenever they are finished with them. If customers want to keep them for longer than a month, no problem! The next games are posted once the previous ones are finished with and returned.


We offer a variety of subscription options to suit any budget. This ranges from 1 game per month to 6 games per month. We also have permanent special offers that allow customers that would like to pay in advance for multiple months to receive up to 20% off each month! Our prices are inclusive of delivery and VAT. 


To find out more head over to or email us at [email protected]


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