Toys-to-life TCG Lightseekers’ mobile app will let you use your physical cards in digital matches

08 February 2018
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Organised play and national championships planned for ambitious card game

Ambitious trading card game-but-video game-but-toy range Lightseekers is going all-out this year with a slew of digital apps, UK national championships and new expansions.

The game, which brings together a line of action figures that can be used to play video games, as well as a physical collectible card game in the vein of Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, first came out last summer. The grand idea is that everything comes together as a single franchise – the action figures are used in the video games and include packs of cards for the TCG, and so on.

We've played the card game and, althought it certainly won't blow CCG diehards away, we did find it to be a solid and enjoyable experience with some interesting tweaks to the formula – whether that means it will catch on among its main audience of kids, though, is another thing altogether.

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There are two upcoming expansions for the card game coming later this year, with the 152-card set Mythical launching on March 20th and an untitled set following on August 7th.

The TCG is also going digital, with an iOS, Android and PC version coming in mid-June and featuring online multiplayer. Most interesting is the promise that players will be able to import the physical cards that they own into the app, letting them use their digital counterparts.

As well as the fully digital card game, a companion app for Lightseekers is already out, which will tie into an upcoming organised play programme planned to begin this spring with weekly tournaments in shops.

There will also be the first UK regional and national championships for the game kicking off with regionals in Scotland in February and culminating in a national championship with a £7,500 prize pool at UK Games Expo in June.


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