Tokaido is getting a makeover for its fifth anniversary

29 August 2017
all-72050.jpg Tokaido
Gorgeous game about ambling across Japan will feature redesigned board and meeples

Tokaido, Antoine Bauza’s delightful title about travelling along Japan’s East Sea road, is one of the most beautiful board games of recent years – but, somehow, it’s about to become even more good-looking.

Funforge has announced that it will remaster the 2012 charmer for a fifth anniversary edition, which will replace the original version from the end of this year onwards.

Chief among the changes will be a redesigned board, which will remain the same size as before but will be printed with brighter colours and a slightly different layout.

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The game’s meeples will also be updated to match the new style, as will the item cards, player boards and panorama cards, which are combined to form a single landscape during each match.

While the changes will be noticeable, they won’t stop past expansions from being compatible with the new edition – eventually, the expansions will be revamped themselves to fit with the refreshed look.

Happily, the new Tokaido will cost the same as the original – around £40 – when it’s released this October.


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