Ticket to Ride: London is the next travel- and wallet-friendly entry in the train game series

22 January 2019
ttr-london-46960.jpg Ticket to Ride: London
On the buses

Ticket to Ride is catching a bus to London in the fast-playing follow-up to Ticket to Ride: New York.

A mock-up box for Ticket to Ride: London was spotted at this week’s Toy Fair London by Tabletop Gaming, showing a similar 1960s setting to the 15-minute, £20 spin-off set in the Big Apple released last year – John Lennon lookalike and all.

Although the cover artwork isn’t final and gameplay details are yet to be fully confirmed, Tabletop Gaming understands that Ticket to Ride: London will be a quick and streamlined experience along the lines (pun intended) of New York, condensing elements of Ticket to Ride’s route-building and hand management into a quarter-hour play time with a smaller box and price tag.

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One notable difference will be the replacement of New York’s yellow taxis and subways by London buses and black cabs – although it seems that the London Underground itself will be absent from the game.

It’s also not clear whether the game will feature a similar or different mechanic to the tourism routes in Ticket to Ride: New York, which replaced the points awarded for the longest route in the full board game.

Ticket to Ride: London is yet to have a release date announced – hopefully we can expect it later this year.

We enjoyed our time with Ticket to Ride: New York when we reviewed it last year, finding it a satisfying and “stunningly fast” standalone experience.


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