There’s a game about flipping pancakes that’s as silly and fun as it sounds

30 October 2017
DSC_4917-07664.jpg Yummy Yummy Pancake
Yummy Yummy Pancake proves that chocolate goes with everything

Yummy Yummy Pancake is a hilarious little game about cooking pancakes that had us grinning when we tried it out at this year’s Essen Spiel fair.

The game comes with an adorable miniature frying pan, into which a selection of eight tiny plastic pancakes are placed.

The pancakes begin face-up, showing their various toppings – blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwi and chocolate. Chocolate, of course, acts as a wildcard – because it goes with anything.

The idea is for the current player to flip as many of the pancakes over as they can by literally using the pan to turn them over in the air. If five turn over, the flipper can pick up one of the face-up pancakes as a bonus.

They then pick up each of the facedown pancakes, asking another player to guess what the topping is. If they guess correctly, they get the pancake – otherwise, the flipping player gets to keep it.

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The flipper keeps going until they choose to stop, as it gets easier to predict which toppings are left hidden.

Each player has a place mat showing different combinations of pancake toppings. The first to fill their plate with the right pancakes wins. That's about it!

Yummy Yummy Pancake is very fast and very silly, but we had a lot of laughs playing it for a quick five or so minutes. It may be simple, but it’s flippin’ good fun.


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