There’s a board game about mining Bitcoin that will be free for cryptocurrency owners

16 August 2017
Blockchain-the-Board-Game-side-51641.png Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game
Blockchain will be made available for those who buy Cryptum tokens

Mining cryptocurrency, the act of earning virtual money from the internet by using high-end PCs to gather lines of code that can then be converted into real-life riches, is one of the latest hot trends in the world of computing – and now the craze is coming to the tabletop.

Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game is being created by Cryptum ICO, a combined board game publisher and cryptocurrency company planning to launch its own digital money in mid-September.

The five-player worker-placement game simulates the art of mining, as players build and upgrade their mining rigs, invest in ICOs and aim to gather the real-life currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Cryptum has four expansions planned for the game, including a final add-on it describes as ‘game-changing’, which is currently codenamed Project 2020 – potentially hinting at its release date.

Blockchain will becoming to Kickstarter next May, but Cryptum plans to promote its own cryptocurrency launch by giving the game away to those that purchase tokens during its launch token sale, which will also include some of its Cryptumcoin.

The company added that it would similarly release the game’s expansions and all of its future published titles for free to those who buy a certain amount of tokens.


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