The Terminator: The Official Board Game will be back for its Kickstarter next week

06 February 2017
2da8e9c5-807e-41c6-bc2e-c5f95214c46e-48306.png Stripped down to its endoskeleton
New miniature renders tease Arnie as the motorcycle-riding, shotgun-wielding robot
The Terminator: The Official Board Game will be back for its Kickstarter next week Images

Come with us you want to li– errrrm… we mean, find out when Space Goat plans to launch its Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Terminator board game.

The comic book creator-turned-tabletop publisher revealed that an adaptation of James Cameron’s 1985 action classic would be its second board game project – following fellow cult ‘80s movie reworking Evil Dead 2 – back in November.

Original Terminator and Terminator 2 co-writer William Wisher is on board as a story consultant for the title, which will take place across two different boards, representing the 1984 ‘present’ and the future 45 years later after Skynet has taken over.

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One player will take on the role of the antagonistic network of machines, including Arnie’s titular T-800, as it tries to hunt down and assassinate Sarah Connor. The remaining players will play as Connor and the human resistance, fighting for survival in both periods by hiding resources in the past and digging them up in 2029.

Space Goat has now confirmed that the Kickstarter campaign for The Terminator: The Official Board Game will go live at 9am PST on February 15th, which is next Wednesday if you’re reading this in the present (that’d be 2017, not 1984).

The firm also teased some new images of the game’s miniatures, including a new variation of the T-800’s metal endoskeleton, the robot standing while in its human-like disguise, Sarah Connor and Arnie in the iconic sunglasses-clad, motorcycle-riding, machine gun-wielding pose.


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