The Resistance and Avalon creator returns with Abandon Planet

15 November 2016
15039476_1686142478362722_1966563376335829093_o-56749.jpg Abandon Planet is due out next May
Don Eskridge’s party game allows players to deceive, trade, steal and bribe each other as they also attempt to collaborate to build a rocket

The designer behind beloved social deception party games The Resistance and Avalon is back with a new sci-fi take on the genre.

Don Eskridge’s Abandon Planet strands four to eight players on the titular world, and they must then work with one of their companions to build a rocket and escape before meteors destroy the planet.

No one player can build a rocket alone, but everyone is working for their own good, leading to plenty of deception. Each round, players choose an area to search for the resources they need. Only one player in the group knows where the next meteor will hit, but they can choose to share (or not share) that information with whomever they want.

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Everybody has the option to show whomever they like which area they will be flying to – as the meteors hit, areas change and eventually get destroyed, changing the map each turn.

Players can also choose to trade or steal from their rivals, but might be tempted with a bribe.

The set comes with eight unique rocket miniatures and the various tiles and tokens needed to play, which form a star-shaped playing area centred around the home base.

Eskridge and Orange Machine Games are looking for $45,000 towards the project on Kickstarter, and the campaign still has a month left to run at the time of writing. The game costs $45 and is due for release next May.


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