The relaunched classic board game Britannia is in its final hours of its Kickstarter

30 July 2019
20f36ea8f5ec78dabe488bc2c2323008_original-77227.png The relaunched classic board game Britannia is in its final hours of its Kickstarter
When in Rome

If you think Brexit has divided the United Kingdom, you can at least take solace in the fact that it hasn’t involved big hairy men roaring battle chants and swinging swords at one another… yet. Speaking of which, the historical board game Britannia is now coming up to its final 48 hours on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter, which has already raised over double its base goal of £20,000, is a relaunch of the game by Lewis Pulsipher, that lets players recreate the strife of Ancient Brtiain from the arrival of those pesky Romans (or ‘wohmans’ as a certain Emperor from Monty Python might say) in 43 A.D. to its final conquest by the stormin’ Normans in 1085 A.D.  Each player controls several nations and leaders over the course of a game; the power of each tribe will rise and fall as the game progresses through the centuries, so players must work out when to expand and when to consolidate with each of their nations.

The relaunched version of the game will now allow players to play in one of two ways; Classic Britannia, which pits three or four players against each other, or Duel Britannia (pun possibly intentional), the new two-player mode. 

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There’s only one pledge level of £65, the basic amount that will buy players the base game, though there are a number of unlockable stretch goals. Amongst other things, a Boudicca miniature has been unlocked, as have Romano-British and Welsh Cavalry. 

The game comes courtesy of the Plastic Soldier Company; true to their name, the box comes with over 200 plastic infantry. Factions include the Romans, Scots, Norwegians, Picts, Danes, Irish and Saxons, amongst others. 


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