The Muffin Time song has its own Exploding Kittens-like party card game now

19 August 2019
muffin-time-game-84377.png Muffin Time
Who wants a muffin?

Remember The Muffin Song, that ridiculously catchy viral YouTube video about baked goods with a death wish? It’s the latest internet sensation to be turned into a card game.

Muffin Time is a party game in the vein of Exploding Kittens: players draw and play cards, using actions and secret traps to force their opponents to lose cards while trying to get ten in their hand. If they start their next turn with ten cards in their hand, they win. (You have to shout “It’s muffin time!” to let people know first, naturally.)

Like webcomic The Oatmeal’s surreal artwork for Exploding Kittens, Muffin Time is helped along by the distinctive illustrations and surreal dark humour of YouTuber Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell, whose series of comic strips and animations are known under the label of asdfmovie.

The Muffin Song saw asdfmovie and TomSka team up with auto-tune remixers Schmoyoho last spring for the video, which has a whopping 136 million views.

The Muffin Time game has up to 200 cards split into actions, traps and counters, and is pretty straightforward. You start with three cards and each turn can either draw a card or play an action and/or trap, which vary from letting you draw more cards and forcing other players to lose theirs to completely random game-changing effects. Counter cards stop or reverse certain actions and traps.

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Muffin Time is up on Kickstarter where it’s quickly sailed past its initial £10,000 target to sit pretty at almost £300,000 with 25 days left on the clock. Stretch goals to add extra Kickstarter-exclusive cards and ten holographic cards have been unlocked so far.

Three editions of the game are available as part of the campaign, offering 120, 160 or 200 cards to increase the maximum player count from two to six to up to ten. The game will arrive with backers next March.


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