Terrific two-player trick-taking card game Fox in the Forest gets a co-op sequel, Duet

05 September 2019
fox-in-the-forest-duet-61047.png The Fox in the Forest Duet
For fox’ sake

The Fox in the Forest was one of 2017’s smaller but more perfectly formed gems, offering a clever two-player spin on the classic playing card game of whist. 

Joshua Buergel’s fairytale-themed trick-taking game saw players competing to claim sets in three different numbered suits, deploying trump cards and unique powers to get the advantage over their opponent.

In an innovative twist, though, the game’s scoring system meant that taking every hand would end up backfiring on you, rewarding a slight lead versus complete domination. Strategically conceding some hands could be just as important as willing others if you wanted to maximise your score.

Now, The Fox in the Forest is being followed by a sequel. Following the template laid down by the likes of Codenames Duet, The Fox in the Forest Duet is a two-player co-operative take on the competitive title designed by Charles Wright, who co-developed the original game. Artist Roanna Peroz takes over illustration duties from Jennifer L. Meyer.

The core of the card game is still trick-taking, though this time around the players are working together to venture through the forest, swapping cards with each other and using each card’s power – such as being able to combo cards together – to play tricks as a team.

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The goal is to collect all of the gems in the forest without getting lost. There’s a dedicated board for the forest, and 22 gem tokens in the box.

The first game’s suits of bells, keys and moons have been replaced by doves, roses and stars, with each suit in the 30-card deck running from 1 to 10 – one fewer in each suit than its competitive predecessor.

Duet’s playing time clocks in at a similar half-hour length to Fox in the Forest; once again, it’s playable with two (and only two) people.

The Fox in the Forest Duet will be released in January 2020, with a US RRP of $15 – so expect the UK price to be close to the £15 price tag of the first game.


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