Tally ho! New Bolt Action releases for British 8th Army

08 February 2019
8th-army-82115.jpg 8th Army Carrier
Metal Bawkses!

Warlord Games has released some new British 8th army reinforcements for Bolt Action.

The new Carrier Patrol set features two Universal Carriers; one of the most distinctive and useful transports used over the course of the war, these lightly armoured tracked vehicles come equipped with pintle-mounted Bren guns and a set of metal crewmen. Additionally, the box also comes with 12 hard plastic 8th Army infantry, in addition to several gaming accessories – decals, damage markers and a stat card.

As well as standard English soldiers, the box also comes with options for creating Sikh, Punjabi, Mosselman and Scottish soldiers as well – a nice nod to those forces that fought for the Allies who sometimes get overlooked. Beyond the standard Lee Enfield rifle, the infantry can also be armed with Thompson sub-machine guns, Bren guns and even a powerful Boys Anti-Tank Rifle.

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Formed from the Western Desert Force in 1941 and originally put under the command of Lieutenat-General Sir Alan Cunningham, the British 8th army was comprised of men from across the Commonwealth – British, New Zealanders, Australians, Indians and South Africans. The 8th army first went into action as an Army as part of Operation Crusader, the Allied operation to relieve the besieged city of Tobruk, on 17 November 1941, when it crossed the Egyptian frontier into Libya to attack the forces of the ‘Desert Fox’, Erwin Rommel. Over the course of the war, the two sides fought extended campaigns against one another, the most famous engagements being the now legendary First and Second Battles of El Alamein. With the Allied victory in North Africa, the 8th Army would go on to see action again in Tunisia and Italy. 

Alongside this new release, Warlord is also offering bundled boxed sets for both the German Afrika Corps and the wider 8th British army as well. 


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