Talisman: Digital Edition will bring Games Workshop’s fantasy board game to PlayStation 4

19 January 2017
TalDEPS4_Screenshot01-65927.jpg Talisman: Digital Edition
Title came to PC back in 2014

Games Workshop’s ‘80s board game Talisman is getting a new lease of life on the PlayStation 4.

Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, to give it its full title, has had an uneven history on video game consoles, beginning with a 1985 ZX Spectrum version two years after its original release and resurfacing with an ultimately cancelled adaptation ten years ago.

An unofficial port was released in 2008 but quickly pulled down by Games Workshop, which ended up passing the rights to Nomad Games, the developer behind the current iteration.

Talisman: Digital Edition launched on PC via Steam back at the start of 2014, and has now finally been confirmed for release on PS4 and its handheld sibling, the PlayStation Vita, this spring.

The game is a pretty faithful recreation of the board game’s revised fourth edition that – as in the original – sees six adventurers attempting to retrieve the magical Crown of Command, and comes complete with the Reaper, Frostmarch, Dungeon, Highland, Sacred Pool, City and Nether Realm expansions.

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Players choose one of 58 characters and roll dice to progress across the board, improving their skills and acquiring new equipment and spells by drawing Adventure cards.

The PlayStation version comes with online multiplayer and leaderboards, plus support for cross-play between PS4 and Vita. There’s also a selection of tutorials for newcomers to the game.

For what it’s worth, the PC edition appears to have received generally warm reviews, with a mostly positive average on Steam – although more recent comments have criticised the game’s apparently unbalanced AI.


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