Talisman: Digital Edition goes free on iPhone and iPad

05 March 2018
ss_c264dc1cd3cec98b405719847eac13f98c6f3a50.1920x1080-49497.jpg Talisman: Digital Edition
Lite app replaces paid version of Games Workshop classic

The mobile version of Games Workshop classic Talisman has dropped its price tag on iPhone and iPad to nothing – at least for the time being.

The digital edition of the magical quest board game has been updated with a new app, Talisman Lite, which lets players play the standard mode for free.

You’ll still need to shell out for the game’s various expansions and extra characters, with a bundle of the whole lot ringing in at £35, but the Lite app is otherwise exactly the same as the previous version, but for free. Any in-app purchases you’ve already made should carry over between versions.

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It’s only an iOS deal at the moment, with Talisman still costing £4 on Android and just over a fiver on PC via Steam.

Developer Nomad says it currently has no plans to offer the Lite app on any other platform, and has mentioned that the free iOS app is a “limited offer” but will “eventually supercede the paid version” – we’re not exactly sure what that means, so maybe grab it for nothing while you can.

At the same time, Talisman on both PC and mobile has been updated with a new character, the Samurai, who last appeared in the game’s 1986 second expansion The Adventure. She’ll cost you £1.69, and works with all of the game’s modes.


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