Taj Mahal becomes the latest Reiner Knizia classic to get a modern makeover

05 April 2018
zm010_layout-90680.png Taj Mahal
2000 bidding game follows in wake of Through the Desert, Samurai, Ra and Tigris & Euphrates in ‘Euro Classics’ series

Another classic Eurogame from prolific German designer Reiner Knizia is returning to the tabletop.

This time around, it’s the master designer’s Taj Mahal, an auction game set in 18th-century India sprinkled with elements of area control. Originally released back in 2000, the game was Recommended for the Spiel des Jahres.

Its upcoming new edition from publisher Z-Man makes it the latest Knizia hit to get a modern facelift, following the excellent Through the Desert, Samurai, Ra and Tigris & Euphrates reprints released as part of the ‘Euro Classics’ series – although, at this point, it may as well be called ‘Knizia Classics’.

In Taj Mahal, up to five players use their influence to gain the support of the vizier, general, monk, princess and grand mogul, granting them permission to build palaces across a central game board.

Players lay down coloured cards to influence the court, spreading their sway in an effort to rise above their opponents – the player that bids the most cards takes the reward over which they hold dominance.

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This is combined with the collection of commodities and other bonuses from the map, plus the acquisition of points for placing buildings and chaining palaces together.

Like many of Knizia’s games, Taj Mahal is built on a simple but engrossing loop – the careful management of cards to ensure you don’t bid too high and find yourself unable to exert any influence in later rounds, without bidding too low or in the wrong colours and leaving yourself without any control, while trying to expand your presence across the map.

The new Taj Mahal is yet to get a firm release date, but the revamped box will cost $50 (£36) when it arrives.


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