Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – S2E37: Vaesen: Mythic Britain, Catan 3D and Necromolds

20 October 2021
Plus, a brand new issue of the magazine

Welcome to issue 60, which will be landing in your local shops or on your doormat on the 22nd of October, just in time for Halloween.

We’re celebrating this spooky time of year with an exclusive scenario for Vaesen: Mythic Britain. Over 14 pages in the magazine we offer up a full, unreleased scenario for you to get started dealing with the folklore of Britain. 

Chris and Charlie chat about the scenario, and the opportunities that this kind of roleplaying brings. They also discuss Call of Cthulhu and the excellent Scritch Scratch scenario, just released in paperback form.

Next we move on to the world of Necromolds. It’s about smashing play-dough monsters, and it’s exactly as fun as it sounds. Officially Charlie’s favourite wargame ever.

Beyond the battlefields strewn with play-dough corpses is the bountiful world of Catan 3D Edition. It’s 300 quid, and was Charlie’s first Catan experience. Is it worth it? We discuss.

We take a detour through the roll-and-move mechanic of  7 Moons before coming to our final stop: Pokemon, which one is the most delicious? Charlie has begun a journey to find out which, via the medium of Pokemon trading cards.

And finally, we waffle on about what we’d like for Christmas. 

Your challenge for this podcast is: Write us a review that contains a D6 table for things you might find in abandoned pokeballs discovered in your uncle’s attic. 


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