Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – Issue 54 with Chris and Charlie

19 April 2021
Plus counterfeit games, tricky rulebooks, and Detective Games

We've got an exciting one for you this time, we're discussing the newest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine available from 23rd April 2021, with issue 54. We talk about Flesh & Blood, The One Ring, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and even more!

We also talked about Detective Games which have cropped up a lot through this magazine, from the soloist to Detective Charlie (not the one chatting!), to Detective: City of Angels, and Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. 

Plus, following on from a Cardboard Manifesto this month about difficulties with rulebooks, we also talk about another feature where Paul Grogan offers us tips on teaching, and how this works for us – and that it's very different!

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