Streetscape 28mm wargaming buildings make a successful return to Kickstarter

13 January 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-01-13-at-10.42.55-85881.png Streetscape buildings in use
Combined MDF and resin models available in small, medium and large scales

After a failed Kickstarter campaign last summer, Slug Industries has regrouped and returned to the crowdfunding platform with its Streetscape range of 28mm buildings for wargaming – this time passing its £1,000 target in a matter of days.

The Streetscape buildings combine laser-cut MDF shells with 5mm resin fronts, backs and rooftops in an attempt to balance affordability and the level of detail on offer. In a nice touch, the resin sections can also be painted pre-assembly.

Small, medium and large variants are available, measuring 170x100x110mm, 225x100x110mm and 245x150x160mm, respectively.

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Prices start at £25 for a single small building up to £37 for a large structure, with discounted bundles also among the pledge levels.

Multiple different facades and roof tiles can be selected, with extra features such as windows, skylights and chimneys, as well as decorations including signs and balconettes, also able to be added.

The new Streetscape campaign will run until February 8th and has already passed its initial £1,000 goal.


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