Steve Jackson to release plastic miniatures set for Ogre

08 November 2016
e352a8551e578f0970e6e0eeaab10bbc_original-31241.jpg The figures are scaled correctly for Ogre's sixth edition
Unpainted ABS figures designed for use with Designer’s Edition and Sixth Edition

Ahead of the launch of the sixth edition of Ogre in January, SJ Games has revealed its plans to finally release miniatures for the wargaming title.

Acknowledging the long-running requests from fans to provide models suitable for the use with the series, the publisher said that it would start by launching a set of figures designed for use with Ogre’s Designer’s Edition and the sixth edition.

Matching the scale of those games, units will take up a hex – with the massive ogres occupying two spaces.

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The first kit will include enough models to play a basic game of Ogre, comprising a command post, six GEVs, two howitzers, 12 infantry bases (each made up of three units – so 36 models overall), six heavy tanks, four missile tanks, an Ogre MK III and an Ogre MK V.

The basic box costs $30 on Kickstarter – and stretch goals include plans for extra models in the set. The campaign has already passed its $15,000 goal, and will run until November 30th.


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