Steamforged Games working on a video game license

21 March 2016
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"It's a massive video game that's been around for years"

Steamforged Games has unveiled that its follow-up to the phenomenally successful Guild Ball will be a board game inspired by a video game license. Although the exact license isn’t known, Mat Hart, one of the directors at Steamforged, dropped a few hints on a recent podcast called The Kick Off.

His response came to a bizarre question about a potential Downton Abbey tie-in, which we assume isn’t actually happening… then again, with all the licensed games being announced at the moment, you never know! “It’s interesting because we are working on a licensed game at the moment that is unannounced and we’re super excited about it,” said Mat. “It’s a massive video game title that’s been around for years and is one of those legacy games. It’s not Devil May Cry but it’s of that similar kind of stature and has that kind of feel to it.”

Hmm… so let the wild speculation commence… similar to Devil May Cry and it’s been around for years? One title that does spring to mind is Castlevania, seeing as it has that kind of gritty feel that’s similar to Devil May Cry… or maybe even something like Resident Evil? Zombie games are hot stuff at the moment and a tie-in to, arguably one of the best known zombie video games ever, would certainly be cool. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait to find out.

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Interestingly, Mat also hinted that this might not be the only video game license that Steamforged looks at for the future. “I’m also speaking to a couple of other - obviously I’ve got a lot of contacts in video game land - and there are some other really good IPs out there that are ripe for conversion to a board game. But I think you have to quite careful and quite selective about which IPs you go after because I think it’s too easy to just grab a strong IP and then just assume you make a generic or derivative game out of it and that it will sell. I mean it probably would but that’s not the kind of game we want to make.”

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