Starfinder and Delta Green lead the year’s best RPGs nominated at 2018 ENnie Awards

05 July 2018
delta-green-98389.jpg Delta Green: A Night at the Opera
Blades in the Dark, Harlem Unbound and Star Trek Adventures also among widely-shortlisted roleplaying games

The shortlist of nominations for this year’s ENnies – the annual awards show focused on celebrating tabletop roleplaying games – has been revealed.

Heading up the Best Game category are two acclaimed RPGs, Blades in the Dark and Delta Green: The RPG, which are joined by Zweihänder, Red Markets: A Game of Economic Horror and Vurt: The Tabletop Toleplaying Game.

Among its seven total nominations, Delta Green also picks up a nod for Best Rules, where it’s joined by a pair of fellow Lovecraftian efforts: Cthulhu Confidential and Harlem Unbound. Torg Eternity and Star Trek Adventures round out the list.

Harlem Unbound, the groundbreaking examination of 1920s racism that has also earned Chris Spivey a place in the running for this year’s Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence, extends its collection of nominations with recognition for Best Setting, Best Writing and Product of the Year.

One of the most widely-nominated games is Pathfinder sequel Starfinder, which collects a total of eight nods for its Core Rulebook in Product of the Year and Best Interior Art, Pact Worlds supplement and setting, Alien Archive monsters, First Contact – the free taster released last summer for Free RPG Day – cartography, and its GM screen in the awards’ accessory category.

For the first time, the ENnies will hand out a prize for Best Organised Play, with D&D Adventurers League adventure collection Lost Tales of Myth Drannor, Bleeding Gate: Amalgamation, End of the Line, Wreckers and Best Friends Forever fighting it out to be the inaugural recipient.

The winners of this year’s ENnie Awards will be announced on August 3rd during Gen Con.

Find a selection of the nominations below, with the full list and details available over on EN World.


Best Adventure

  • Delta Green: A Night at the Opera
  • The Two-Headed Serpent
  • Six of Swords
  • Seven Worlds Campaign Book
  • The Dark of Hot Springs Island


Best Free Game

  • Esper Genesis Basic Rules
  • High Plains Samurai: Legends
  • Modos 2
  • Forthright Open Roleplay Creative Commons Edition
  • Saga of the Goblin Horde


Best Game

  • Delta Green: The RPG
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Zweihänder, Grim & Perilous Studios
  • Red Markets: A Game of Economic Horror
  • Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game


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Best Organised Play

  • Lost Tales of Myth Drannor
  • Bleeding Gate: Amalgamation
  • End of the Line
  • Wreckers
  • Best Friends Forever


Best RPG Related Product

  • Khan of Khans
  • Dresden Files Co-operative Card Game
  • Storm Hollow,
  • Friendly Local Game Store
  • #feminism


Best Rules

  • Delta Green: The RPG
  • Harlem Unbound
  • Cthulhu Confidential
  • Torg Eternity: Core Rules
  • Star Trek Adventures: Core Rulebook


Best Setting

  • Harlem Unbound
  • Freedom City 3rd Edition
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated
  • Predation
  • Starfinder Pact Worlds


Best Supplement

  • Shadowrun Dark Terrors
  • Reign of Terror
  • Doctor Who RPG – The Black Archive
  • Holy Crap: the Great Sects Change Operation
  • Starfinder Pact Worlds


Best Writing

  • Delta Green: The Way it Went Down
  • Harlem Unbound
  • Monsters
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated
  • Holy Crap: the Great Sects Change Operation


Product of the Year

  • Delta Green: The RPG
  • The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth,
  • Harlem Unbound
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Freedom City 3rd Edition
  • Zweihänder
  • Frostbitten and Mutilated
  • Star Trek Adventures: Collectors Edition Core Rulebook
  • Starfinder Core Rulebook
  • The Dark of Hot Springs Island

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