Star Wars: Destiny’s next starter decks are Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett

11 October 2017
swd10_luke-skywalker-49710.jpg Star Wars: Destiny: Legacies
Sets join 160 new cards and gameplay additions in Legacies boosters

The next round of decks for Star Wars: Destiny focuses on two characters from the galaxy far, far away with pretty major daddy issues.

Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett are the latest starter decks to come to the fantastic collectible dice game, as part of the upcoming Legacies wave, which also includes 160 new cards in booster packs and serves as an updated base set for the title.

Luke’s 24-card and nine-die starter set includes a fresh-faced version of the Jedi from the original trilogy, plus a variant of Han Solo with the free ability to re-roll a die when activated.

On the villain side is bounty hunter Fett, who accompanies a veteran Stormtrooper.

Other characters in the mix include a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi and his lightsaber, as well as Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles and Doctor Aphra from the series of comic books written by Star Wars: Darth Vader author Kieron Gillen.

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The characters and cards take advantage of one of the new concepts introduced in Legacies, indirect damage, which does a large amount of damage but allows the player affected to choose how the hits are distributed.

There’s also the concept of power actions, that can only be used once a round but – as the name suggests – are more powerful than standard abilities.

Legacies is yet to get a release date, but you can likely expect it towards the end of the year.


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