Star Trek Adventures RPG collector’s edition comes in a £400 Borg Cube

08 June 2017
Borg_Cube-05352.jpg Star Trek Adventures Collector's Edition
Expansive set includes various minis, dice, books and accessories for game

Star Trek Adventures is bringing the sci-fi classic back to the world of roleplaying later this year and, to celebrate, Modiphius has announced a huge collector’s edition set for the RPG.

The limited edition version of Star Trek Adventures comes packed inside an enormous box modelled on the iconic Borg Cube, which includes everything you should need to get going – and then some – with the game.

The set includes a collector’s edition of the core rulebook; four packs of 32mm-scale miniatures for the Original Series and Next Generation crews, as well as a Klingon warband and Romulan strike team; three sets of seven custom dice; a pad of 50 colour character sheets; a poster; an oversized GM screen (which also serves as one side of the Borg Cube); game tokens; map tiles; a digital bundle of PDFs for the core book and various upcoming supplements; and a foam tray to store all of the miniatures included in the box.

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Also inside will be a 32mm model of Lore, the evil counterpart of TNG’s beloved android Data, with extra villains unlocked depending on the number of pre-orders taken using Modiphius’ Kickstarter-like system.

Each cube is numbered and includes a Star Trek Adventures hologram. Modiphius claims the set won’t be available outside of pre-orders once the game is released in September, and will be limited to a specific number of copies.

If you’re interested, the set comes at a price: namely, £395, plus £10 postage in the UK, pushing it just over the £400 mark.

Still, if you’re planning to boldly go and seek out new life and new civilisations in Star Trek Adventures, you shouldn’t need anything else to engage. Except maybe a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot.


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