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28 April 2021
More ways to play

Recently acquired by Asmodee, Board Game Arena is a platform that allows us to play boardgames online, with the added benefit both that it plays within the browser directly (so no additional downloads and fewer system requirements), and that it keeps track of the total score as you play. The site has included big name games such as Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, Jaipur, and more recently, Skull, but has now announced another light entry game to enter the arena (literally!), with Splendor.

In Space Cowboy's Splendor, you play as a renaissance gem dealer, trying to acquire 15 victory points by swapping their gems tactically. It's a popular game and one that regularly brings new players into tabletop gaming, and given how quick it is, it's one which you find yourself reaching for to play again and again. Plus, there's even been a recent Marvel edition, featuring Thanos himself. 

It's now available on Board Game Arena, and whilst that's exciting news in itself, there's also news of a tournament! From May 5th 2021 to May 23rd 2021, a tournament will be hosted on BGA streamed through Trictrac, with the winner receiving a bespoke noble title and portrait drawn by the game’s illustrator Pascal Quidault. Plus all finalists in the tournament will receive an assortment of Space Cowboy board games.

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You can play the game over on Board Game Arena by clicking here, you can sign up for the tournament by clicking here, and you can check out our original review of Splendor by clicking here. 



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