Speedy civilisation-building game Eight-Minute Empire hits mobile, out on PC later this week

06 September 2017
ss_0143a9cad57d69f472d99df92e609225a535129e-12177.jpg Eight-Minute Empire
From designer of Above and Below, Islebound, and Near and Far

In a year packed to the brim with top-notch digital versions of top-notch board games, here’s another to add to your endless wish list.

Eight-Minute Empire, the condensed civilisation-building strategy game from Above and Below, Islebound, and Near and Far designer Ryan Laukat, has launched on iOS and Android, with a PC launch going live on Steam on September 10th – that's this Sunday. 

As the name suggests, Eight-Minute Empire is a pacey homage to sprawling, hours-long 4X epics like Civilization. Players build up their armies, construct castles, explore the world and take out their rivals – all in about 10 minutes or so.

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The digital version, developed by Steam: Rails to Riches studio Acram Digital, includes the ability to play against computer opponents with three different levels of difficulty, as well as varying personal strategies.

You can take on your fellow humans with pass-and-play local multiplayer, or online modes that support both synchronous and asynchronous play. In a nice touch, the game lets you replay your opponents’ last moves to help keep up.

There’s also an optional colourblind mode, which is a thoughtful consideration given the often limiting nature of physical board game components.

The base game costs a fiver across all three platforms and includes seven maps, with the Mountains expansion and five other maps available as in-game purchases for a few pounds each.


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