Slay the Spire Coming to Tabletop

05 January 2021
Can it ascend?

If you've played Slay the Spire, the digital game available on the usual Playstation/Xbox/PC, you'll probably know that it's a digital game that feels like a tabletop game. For context, you're playing a series of cards from your deck against monsters, in increasing levels of difficulty as you attempt to ascend the Spire. Some of your cards have special effects for yourself or for your opponent, and along the way, you'll have an opportunity to pick up fate changing relics and potions. It's a deck building style game from Mega Crit, and it was critically well received. 

It'll come as little surprise in that case that the tabletop inspired digital game is now becoming the tabletop inspired digital game inspired tabletop game - or, to translate, Slay the Spire is coming to tabletop. 

The game will be through Contention Games who you may recognise from Imperium: The Contention, another card game, and although there's not a ton of details as yet, we do know a few things. Firstly, it'll be directed at 1-4 players, which confirms it'll diverge from the digital game in this at least, where you can play only solo. Game play time will be 45 minutes per player, and it'll be for ages 12+. 

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Its description of the game reads: "Slay the Spire is a cooperative deckbuilding adventure. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and finally become strong enough to Slay the Spire!"

The only thing we can anticipate with comfortable certainty is that this should contain a huge number of cards in order to capture the same experience, given different character profiles and feeling of a changing deck with each play. 

The game will be launched on Kickstarter in Spring 2021, and whilst there are no specifics available just yet, it offers the chance to sign up for its newsletter for future updates, which you can do by clicking here.

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