Shadows of Brimstone spin-off Forbidden Fortress takes the co-op dungeon crawler to Feudal Japan

08 November 2016
a0eb1747420aeae743162b5025064a6c_original-89610.jpg Forbidden Fortress can be played with or without the original Shadows of Brimstone
Title can be played as a standalone game or integrated with other releases in series

Flying Frog has announced a new standalone expansion for co-operative dungeon crawling board game Shadows of Brimstone.

Forbidden Fortress takes place in an alternate-history Feudal Japan and plonks players in the boots of heroes such as a samurai warrior, assassin, traveling monk and sorceress as they attempt to fight back the armies of darkness invading the world.

The game includes 27 plastic 32mm miniatures covering both sides of the battle, which can be used to play the 12 included missions powered by the Shadows of Brimstone engine.

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Up to four players work together, playing against the game itself. Characters’ progression continues between scenarios, allowing levelling up and the acquisition of new skills as they advance through the campaign.

Also in the box are double-sided map tiles, with the titular fortress on one side and the ‘belly of the beast’ otherworld on the reverse, which can be accessed through a portal. 250 cards and a selection of dice and counters round out the set, as well as a CD soundtrack to add atmosphere.

The base kit costs $100 on Kickstarter, and can be played either as a standalone game or integrated with Shadows of Brimstone and its other spin-offs and expansions.

The crowdfunding campaign has proved a hit so far, smashing its $50,000 target to raise nearly $700,000 with 22 days left to run as of this story going live.


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