Scythe’s next expansion, Encounters, was designed by its fans

04 October 2018
scythe-encounters-75308.jpg Scythe Encounters
Features 'a number of innovations'

Scythe is getting a new deck of encounter cards for players to add to the sci-fi strategy behemoth – and they’re designed by the players themselves.

The Scythe Encounters set emerged from creator Jamey Stegmaier’s invitation over the summer for fans to design new events for the game, based on existing artwork set in the universe from illustrator and creator of the alt-history ‘1920+’ setting Jakub Rozalski.

Stegmaier selected his favourites, combining and matching multiple submissions in some cases, and curated them into a new 32-card deck of encounters that can either replace or expand the game’s original offering of scenarios – the designer recommends using the deck by itself for the first few games.

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The cards include what Stegmaier describes as “a number of innovations in the encounter system”, and can be used with any combination of Scythe and its other expansions.

Scythe Encounters is due out worldwide on December 7th, and will cost $20 (£15). Stegmaier has confirmed it won’t be available at Essen at the end of October.


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