Scythe creator’s winemaking board game Viticulture coming to PC and mobile

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06 August 2019
viticulture-97991.jpg Viticulture
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Viticulture, the winemaking strategy game by Jamey ‘Scythe’ Stegmaier and Alan Stone, is bringing its heady mixture of worker placement and cardplay to digital.

A PC and mobile app for Viticulture has been announced by developer Digidiced, the studio behind adaptations of Patchwork, Agricola, Terra Mystica, Isle of Skye, The Castles of Burgundy and more.

The app will support up to six players in single-player against AI opponents, local multiplayer and online modes, including asynchronous turns and varying levels of computer difficulty.

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If you’re new to the game, there’ll be an interactive tutorial – as well as the ability to replay matches played by you and other players to brush up your strategies.

Viticulture was first released back in 2013, and cast players as rival winemakers in rural Tuscany. The players use their available workers to run their vineyard, constructing buildings, planting vines and producing wine, while also managing elements such as tourists – who can even lend a hand in helping to fulfil orders.

The game was updated for 2015’s Essential Edition, which added in some of the gameplay modules from expansion Tuscany and small rules improvements. The upcoming app is based on the latest ruleset for the board game.

Viticulture is yet to get a release date for PC and mobile, but has been confirmed for release on Steam, iOS and Android at some point in the future following a beta test.


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