Rising Sun comic book series will include 'exclusive content' for the board game

22 August 2019
rising-sun-comic-30315.jpg Rising Sun comic
Three-issue miniseries out in November

Rising Sun, Eric Lang’s board game of warring samurai and legendary monsters from Japanese folklore (and Wikipedia pranks), is being adapted as a comic book series that will include new content for the tabletop title.

Rising Sun is being turned into a three-part mini-series by comic-book publisher IDW, Skylanders writers Ron Marz and David Rodriguez, and Star Trek: Year Five artist Martín Cóccolo. 

The comic book’s story will follow Koi Clan leader Chiyoko as she sets out on a quest to protect Japan from some of Rising Sun’s formidable creatures, including dragons and other monsters. The plot is said to delve into the political machinations and combat played out on the tabletop.

In the board game, the Koi Clan player can use coins as ronin fighters; in the comic, the clan’s background as a gang of mercenary warriors will lend itself to the drama as Chiyoko deals with the potential threat from within the ragtag ranks.

The comic will star other original characters from the universe’s various clans, similarly reflecting their differing abilities in the game, as well as expanding on the lore and setting of the board game. Lang himself is said to be involved in the comic book.

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Each issue of the Rising Sun comic will come with what IDW described in its announcement as “exclusive content to enhance the game-playing experience for dedicated fans” – what that means remains to be seen.

The first issue of Rising Sun will be out in November, with the other two parts to follow.

Lang recently announced the third and final part of his ‘mythic’ trilogy that began with Blood Rage and continued with Rising Sun. Ankh: Gods of Egypt will hit Kickstarter later this year ahead of a release in 2020.


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