Reborn card game 51st State gets its first expansion this June

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15 May 2017
pic3211854-06332.png 51st State: Scavengers
Scavengers based on Ruins add-on for original version of game

51st State, the card game about establishing a new country in a world where civilisation has collapsed from the creator of Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers and First Martians, is getting its first expansion.

To be more specific, Scavengers will be the first add-on for 51st State: Master Set, last year’s revamped re-release of the original 2010 game.

2010’s 51st State did receive multiple expansions including Winter and New Era, some of the cards from which were included in the Master Set alongside almost 100 cards from the original set.

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51st State: Scavengers is itself based on the 2014 expansion Ruins for the original version of the card game, adding 50 cards that combine older cards from that set with brand new locations and mechanics.

The headline feature is the ability to search through the discard pile to recover locations to use in a state.

There will also be cards that provide new bonuses for collecting ‘ruin’ cards.

51st State: Scavengers will be out in Europe on June 7th, following a pre-launch at UK Games Expo between June 2nd and 4th.


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