Pulp sci-fi skirmish game Counterblast embraces 1950s and '60s roots with lunchbox edition

10 May 2017
cb_lbx-03386.jpg Counterblast Adventure Battle Game: Lunchbox Edition
Set includes two starter crews and everything needed to play

The pulp sci-fi short stories, comic books and novels of the mid 20th century continue to be an endless source of inspiration for the tabletop, with countless games and miniatures drawing on the imaginative narratives and artwork from the golden age of science-fiction.

One of those titles is Counterblast Adventure Battle Game, the skirmish wargame from Bombshell Minis that pits mixed-species crews of humans and aliens working for the Galactic Council of Worlds against the minions of the Neiran Empire.

The title mimics the romping pace of pulp fiction in its rules, offering fast-paced rules centred on units’ skills and providing support for cover, environmental hazards and vehicular combat as well as ongoing storylines.

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Now, Counterblast is leaning even further into its pulp origins with a new release known as the ‘lunchbox edition’.

Packaged in a metal lunchbox reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s and decorated with artwork recalling those early sci-fi covers, as well as later works inspired by the stories such as Star Wars, the pack is designed as a starter set for newcomers to the game.

Inside you’ll find two faction starter crews, plus the stat cards, dice, tape measure, counters and rulebook needed to start playing straight away. The miniatures include fresh sculpts and come safely stored in a foam insert.

There’s no word on price yet, but Counterblast Adventure Battle Game: Lunchbox Edition will be up for pre-orders on May 25th, as the second edition of the game launches.


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