Prepare to get sucked into Exodus: Proxima Centauri’s final expansion Event Horizon next year

27 October 2016
draft-3d-box-768x480-63201.png Mock-up box art for the expansion
Add-on introduces new planets, jump gates, leaders and Earth’s home star

NSKN Games’ sci-fi strategy game Exodus: Proxima Centauri is heading into infinite space and infinite terror next year with the release of its second and final expansion, Exodus: Event Horizon.

Designed by Rainer Åhlfors and original Exodus co-creator Andrei Novac, Event Horizon can be played with the base Exodus set or the game’s first expansion, Edge of Extinction.

Two original multiplayer scenarios are included in the add-on; The Centaurian Stronghold can be played in full co-op or a dedicated solo mode, while the eponymous Event Horizon mission makes use of timed in-game events.

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In addition, Event Horizon also includes a number of additions and tweaks to the game, such as bonus action cards, rebalanced Cenaurian Resistance fleets and outposts, extra planets to explore, jump gates, satellites, energy barriers, faction leaders and Earth’s home star, Proxima Centauri, for which the main game is name.

NSKN said that Event Horizon would arrive in 2017, which just so happens to be the 20th anniversary of Paul WS Anderson’s cult film. A specific date and price were left unconfirmed.


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