Potion Explosion makes the tile-matching circle complete by heading to mobile

11 November 2016
pic3252394-52936.jpg Potion Explosion's mobile version will include online multiplayer and a solo mode
Game of collecting ingredients for magical brews due out for iOS and Android next month

It’s no surprise nowadays when a board game receives a digital adaptation. However, it’s a little more eyebrow-raising when the tabletop title in question was heavily inspired by video games to begin with.

Yes, in a case somewhat reminiscent of Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, Potion Explosion is coming to iOS and Android devices next month, and will attempt to prove that what the mobile market needs is another game where you try to match symbols or colours in a grid.

Of course, we’re being a little unfair; Potion Explosion does have its own unique game mechanics sprung out of the core ingredient-matching gameplay, such as the ability to drink completed potions to gather more points and the fact that you’re not trying to simply clear the grid but instead gather specific ingredients to complete your brews.

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Potion Explosion’s tabletop version is good fun to play thanks to the physicality of the ingredient marbles rolling down the impressive dispenser in the middle of the table, so we’re unsure how well the mobile version will capture the same feeling on a flat screen.

The mobile version will include a solo mode, as well as online multiplayer, with leaderboards to compare your score. There’ll also be a tutorial for complete newcomers to the game.

It’ll be out on iOS and Android at the start of December, and cost $7 in the US – so probably around a fiver here in the UK.


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