PAX Unplugged Kicks Off This Weekend

09 December 2021
And there are some big names to enjoy

PAX began life as a large scale gaming convention in 2004, doubling in size each year before, before branching out to tabletop in 2017, where the tabletop sections of the events had continued to grow significantly. PAX Unplugged, as the resultant show, is a celebration of tabletop, taking place in Philadelphia US from Friday 10th December 2021 to Sunday 12th December 2021. 

With a mixture of events taking place over the weekend, participants will be able to find games to play, tournaments to compete in, as well as panels to visit. In addition the Expo Hall offers a huge range of exhibitors, including but not limited to the likes of Chaosium, Tabletop Tycoon, Pandasaurus Games, Roxley Games, Kosmos, Cephalofair Games, Restoration Games, R Talsorian Games, Formal Ferret Games, PSC Games, Prospero Hall, Leder Games, Gamewright Games, Floodgate Games, Bezier Games, Atlas Games and more. 

There will also be events such as Acq Inc making their return to PAX Unplugged, with Jeremy Crawford of D&D writing fame being DM for the event, the Storytime Speaker of Aabria Iyengar (DM for Exandria Unlimited), Magic the Gathering tournaments offering $5,000 in prices and a chance to play with Crimson Vow, and a panel with Shut Up & Sit Down, with many taking place over the course of the three day event. 

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In addition, Pax facilitates a mixture of rooms, meet ups, learn to play and more, letting you find your community of miniatures painters, D&D fans, and more. 

Of course, with pandemic concerns the event is slightly altered to previous years. Participants must provide evidence of being fully vaccinated in order to attend, face coverings must be worn, sanitation stations will be offered, and the layout has been adjusted alongside capacity management to maintain physical distancing where possible. 


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